Half-Life and GeForce

I have terrible FPS, texture quality etc when running HL with my Geforce DDR and OpenGl can anyone explain a reason why? any ways to stop this?

Try getting the latest reference drivers from www.nvidia.com

I also have the Halflife Geforce problem when running in OpenGL mode. When I run Halflife in Geforce mode, the game starts normally for about 20 seconds then crashes. During the 20 seconds, textures pop out all over the place and the graphic quality has much to be desired. I have the new NVIDIA drivers, and I still experience problems! I also experience the same problem with Unreal tournament. Can anyone please help?

I think you guys should check whether
it’s just Half Life or whether ALL
OpenGL is dead like mine and someone
else’s system on this board. Right now
it looks like something to do with
the GeForce’s drivers,maybe? The
reason why things would run slow and
look crappy is because the computer
is reverting to software mode (I tried
OpenGL in Homeworld and it tells you
that it’s not using hardware acceleration)

And is it me or do all these video card
makes have some pretty mediocre tech
support pages? Leadtek, the maker
of my card has the worst crappy-assed
tech pages. Hopefully the e-mail form
on their page will prove prompt but
until then… anybody got any ideas?

Hi everyone !

As I already wrote into the Advanced Forum, I have problems as well with my new GeForce.

I have a Dual Pentium III 600Mhz 512Mb running Windows NT4.0 SP6a and a brand new ELSA Erazor X2 (GeForce DDR).

I run into the same problem than you : any of my OGL application (from Quake III Demo to my own apps) freezes after a certain lapse of time.

For Quake III, it freezes about 2secs after the game starts. For my apps, it depends on the complexity of the scene…

I have tried ELSA drivers as well as Detonator 3.53 and 3.68 and nothing helped.

Moreover, I noticed a strange fact : it is much slower for me to use GL_FILL as the fill mode than GL_LINE (70fps for lines and 3 (yeah 3 !) for GL_FILL).

I really hope it is a driver issue as I read that some motherboards are not compatible with GeForce products (mine is not listed so I am quite confident but I do not know how many people tried the GigaByte GA-6BXDU with a GeForce…).

I guess we all need to wait until the next Detonator release. Meanwhile, I suggest that we contact nVidia to put pressure on them so that the bug could be fixed quickly.


good luck getting through to nvidia
I emailed Leadtek so I’m hoping for some relief soon.

Hi !

For those who are interested, I have just found why I had a big performance difference between GL_LINE and GL_FILL.

I had GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH enabled… It didn’t make that much difference when I had a TNT 2 Ultra but it seems that the actual GeForce drivers hate that ! I am going to carry some tests to see if this has fixed the freezing problem too…

See you later !


That’s me again…

Unfortunately,disabling GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH did not solve my freezing problem !
Well, I am still investigating to identify what could be the reason for those freezings…

See you later !


Hello all,

I have exactly the same problem as you guys; I’m running a Leadtek DDR on a dual CPU supermicro PIIIDME motherboard (840), and all the time when running my card in OpenGL under NT or win2k, it freezes. I have spoken to leadtek tech support on the phone, and they said that they are looking into the issue.

I also E-mailed tomshardware to try and get some publicity about it.

It MUST be a driver issue, as now I have had to go back to running '98, and it runs like a dream, but sadly Im not utilising both CPUs

Maybe everyone here with the problem could E-mail: tom@tomshardware.com, and flush him out with problem reports, because Nvidia, and all the major hardware manufacturers read what he says, and it could be the fastest way to getting the problem realised.

Hi again !

You should all look at the new topic I posted (GeForce 256 Lockups : A SOLUTION).

I can’t say if it will work for you and if you will like this solution but it worked for me and I do not notice a big performance hit…