Half-Life 2 to 3DS MAX 6 importer released


If anyone would like to take a try, jump to: <URL deleted>.

Where you can see some awesome screenshots of 3DS MAX 6 and some HALF LIFE 2 models in it. If this link may not work, jump to:
<URL deleted>

I wounder how many polygons may this meshes have? I bet over 6000. If anyone finds it out exactly please post it I know there is a buggy 2CD version of Half-Life 2 out there where you can get the game data - models & textures.

What has this to do with OpenGL ? I suppose there are many OpenGL or other graphic coders who would like to support up to date HALF-LIFE 2 features or play arround with those models. I hope we will visit some model viewers or exporters soon. Or perhaps in an engine?


[Edited by moderator:] Whoever wrote that converter must have used illegally obtained code or data, as Half-Life 2 hasn’t been released yet. Furthermore, your post does not have anything to do with OpenGL. Thread closed.

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