Guide me...Whats next?

This days I have learned some OpenGL. I read the Red Book and the SuperBible. I understand almost everything and feel very confortable programming little demos. I also think I need to practice a lot more. Now I was thinking, whats next? There are some aspects I didnt see covered in those books: how to load models, texture them, etc. I actually have some ideas on how this is done but want to read more about that.
What can you recommend me to continue my learning of OpenGL?
Im not the best programmer and I found some difficulties while doing my own BMP/TGA loader cause I had never read about those topics in any C/C++ book. Do you know what books/URLs can help me a lot to get me on this?

Thx. for your help & replies!


for the loading of the bmp/tga/jpg/other
formats for use with textures just go
to and go to
the links on the left. Nehe’s tutorials
are using win32 bmp loaders, but some
of the linked sites on the left ( Nate millers
among others ). Contains tga loaders etc.

I am sorry I can not point you to a site
directly since I cant remember the url’s.

Also go to to see
how the graphical fileformats are structured
and you can do your own loader if you know c++.

good luck.

-cruxis -

try flipcode’s development tutorials(… cool stuff there. ie. lightmaps, skydomes, BSP trees, that kind of stuff…

There’s tonsa stuff out there, don’t forget about optimization ;).