GUI+Open? QT?

I’m deciding on which GUI to wrap my OpenGL code in, I think I’ve chosen QT. The problem with the GUIs is they tend to want to wrap themselves around the code and bind OpenGL to their libraries and I don’t want to get tempted into doing that.

At what point should the line be drawn between GUI and OpenGL? Completely seperate? This means not using QTs OpenGL Class which offers similar functionality as GLUT, but integrates with the GUI environment.

What do others do when using QT + OpenGL (or any other GUI that lets you make OpenGL calls from within its API)? Is there any standard strategies for determining where the GUI stops and the application begins?

I have a large code I’m taking over and first must sever the old GUI. I don’t wish to inflict this pain upon others in the future, but it is very tempting to use the GOLWidget Class from QT, “but forever will the dark path control your destiny” (not that QT is the dark path, on the contrary).


Hi !

The OpenGL support in Qt is not very tied to Qt itself, The OpenGL canvas just creates the window, attaches the rendering context and takes are of all the platform dependent stuff, you also need to create event handler for mouse and so on, but otherwise it’s OpenGL as usual.