GUI Buttons

I am working on a project where we are changing a large chunk of code over to OpenGL. Is there a way to do GUI buttons in openGL?

A far better way of going about it is to use OpenGL to do your drawing and an independant widget set for the GUI. You can write a widget set in GL, but it is almost certainly not worth the effort.


What then would you suggest? what “widget sets” work best?

What operating system are you hoping to release the
software for? I personally would write it in gtk (it has
nice support for widgeted opengl windows, etc). It
is released under the LGPL.

I use Gtk on Linux and Irix, and it works extremely well. It’s very easy to learn, and the C++ wrappers (if you’re into that kind of thing) are pretty decent. It also has bindings for most other programming languages.


Ok I am really new at this… what is gtk?
We do most of our work on Suns.