does anyone have experiences with using gtk as gui library AND write cross platform applications (linux/windows) which use OpenGL and got them running on both platforms?


I’ve heard that gtk support unter Windows is abit unstable/buggy.

I prefer wxWindows. It’s a easy to use/learn/what ever library for GUI and may other OS-dependent topics.

PS: wxWindows is C++, if you have to stick with C gtk seems to be the best choice (imho).

PS2: Both have direct OpenGL-Support of course.


“both have direct opengl support” both=gtk and wxWindows?

I simply wonder if gtk opengl support works under windows… that’s why I ask if anyone ever gut that running.


do you have a link to a tutorial or explanation of how to use opengl with wxWindows? It seems interesting…

Anyone ever heard of GLUI? Sounds interesting as well.

I have used gtk 1.2 and gtkglarea to make
applications on linux and then ported them
over to windows using GTK4WIN. WinGtk does
not have enough to get it done but you can
get to the GTK4WIN package on the WinGtk site.
I did have to tweak a few constant definitions
in the GTK4WIN package to get it to work but
once done it works fine.

We use our API Gizmo3D to do 100% platform independance to run on Mac, irix,Linux Win32, etc with wxWindows, Qt or any other GUI as we do all our own gl integration through our api to Win32, X11, Aqua etc…

This way we can do rendering in widgets and menues etc. on all platforms…

You can download Gizmo3D at