Gtk and OpenGL

Hi!guys , i finish a terrain engine , and now i want to do the editor for it , y use in the past MFC but now i want to give a chance to GTK , i use GtkGLext to render the terrain but when i run a simple GTK windows with OpenGL the performance going down… and when i run the terrain engine in GLUT run good , so the problem is with the Gtk and OpenGL , i use for the editor a template , that came with the GTK dev for windows ( and glade for the Gtk windows and code skeleton
anyone try to use Gtk to do an editor ? anyone happend the same problem as me :frowning: anyone can solve it?
thanks in advance

I am busy doing just that, I’m writing a 3D modelling/animation app - originally I used glut (just for experimentation) now I’m using Gtk with GtkGLext.
There has been no slowdown however. It runs perfectly.
I am building it under Linux however so maybe that’s the difference :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes , the Bugy Operating system (winXP) was my first assupting … :stuck_out_tongue: anyone can solve in Windows ?

Don’t know about Gtk, but I had very good results with FLTK(1.1.6) on WindowsXP for a very performance critical application.

It’s normal you encountered slow downs with gtk+ under Windows. Gtk+ adds several layers to the native Win32 API. Try gtk 1.2 instead of 2.x if you’re really looking about performances.

But generally editors should provide poorer graphics than the game or so. Or just redraw your gl window not so often (1/10 sec seems well).

Finally, I’m not sure this place is best to talk about that. There’s nothing to do with gl.

Hope this helps.

thanks guy for the help it be very useful , sorry if this thread didn’t fit