GSLANG 1.1 compliance of catalyst 4.7?

the title says it all?

as usual, there is no precise info in the release notes. Has anyone experimented with the new built in variables?

Thank you.

No I haven’t, and point sprites still dosen’t work… :

Yay! 3DLabs GLSL Parse Test reports 99% score with Cat4.7 compared to 94% with Cat4.6. (same result as 4.6)

so what’s that one percent failure due to? I couldn’t figure out the content of the vertex shader that fails the it a specific instruction or a more complex construct?

glGetString(GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION_ARB) only returns “1.00”, so there’s no full GLSL 1.1 support. But some features seems to be implemented, like GL_SAMPLER_2D types when using glGetActiveUniform and gl_FragData.

I just tested the Cat 4.7 with the new GLSL Parser and got only 97%:

@corrail: it seems you’re using a newer version of the glsl parser test program (1.4 is current) which includes some new “problematic” shaders. i also get 97% with this version on my ati 9800 pro running catalyst 4.7 drivers.

edit: to be more specific, the compiler in this driver maily fails with glsl code following the new 1.10 specs, so it’s not really surprising.

Yes, I tested this with GLSL Parser v1.4. I also took a look at the shaders which don’t work on Catalyst 4.7. These shaders mainly use #extension and #version statements.

may be we could ask somebody to place this 3dlabs conformation test for different drivers and hardware (ie Cat & R3x0, Cat & R4x0, Det 6x & NV4x, etc )?

may be it can be Tom Nuydens on his resource or rigth here, in

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