Grid-like pattern over a basic clear-color Vulkan screen

Hello everyone,

I’ve started doing some Vulkan tutorials, and then started integrating it in a small game framework which used to run on OpenGL. I’m using SDL2 for window init on Windows 10. Everything looks correct but I hit very strange behavior, a basic screen buffer clear color ends up with a strange grid pattern. The odd thing is that using Nsight to look at the frame shows the frame buffer clear and red. I’ve tried this on a couple computers with different GPUs. To be more bizarre if I set the resolution of the window to full hd instead of hd it looks ok.

I’m clearing the screen with VkRenderPassBeginInfo.pClearValues. SDL2 is 2.0.10

My next move will be to bang my head against the keyboard until it’s all red and the black grid won’t be there any more (help!).