Grey Screen with text cursor hang!!

sum1 help!! I recently bourght a geforce2mx 32mb namely a jetway6100wonder TV out, I`v tried half life in opengl and it worx fine!! But if i run q3a or american alice or anyother gl game i just end up with a grey screen with text cursor and the it hangs and I have2reset! Any1 got any anwsers, I tried runin glsetup but it says card not supported! just had new mobo aswell pcchips m726mrt and clean install ov win98se, wots goin on!! tried detornators v6 v10 v12 with no difference.plz plz i need open gl yesterday any1 got any surgestions?
PIII 700 slot 1
mobo above
gfx above
onboard snd&modem
64mb sdram
20gig quantum
cd drive.
Thanks4 y time.Berty

you must be sure you have the latest drivers for your 3d-card!! And alsobe sure you download the right opengl driver for your operating system! I hope this will be to any help 4 you!

I`m using detornator v12.41.on win98 se, wear do i d/l drivers 4 o/s?

This may sounds like a strange advice but have you tried to start the game from a DOS prompt?
I mean a window in Windows with DOS.