Graphing kit

Hello everyone,

I am new to programming Objective-C, but have a lot of experience with C/C++.

I need some kind of framework, kit, or object to help me with drawing graphs. Not so much for the calculations, just for the output. Basically a point or line based graphing system, which can have multiple lines, different perspectives, etc.

I’d rather not reinvent the wheel from scratch as I am entirely new to OpenGL as well.

So figured this would be a good place to ask for help and guidance.

Thanks in advance!


What’s the best graphing framework for Cocoa?

It depends a bit on the context, but my personal choice for OpenGL on the Mac is GLUT. Very easy, and open source (it is official Apple demo code). Then you don’t have to touch Objective-C at all and your code will be portable! For texture loading, there are many nice libraries. I recommend pnglite for PNG images. I have some sample code for it if you need it.