Graphics User Interface

Hi. I need some help with an interface. thing is, I want to create one using Buttons, lists etc, such as in Java, for a demonstration on 3d transformations and many other procedures in Open GL. thing is, I have no idea how to go about doing this (implementing buttons etc). Could someone please help - it’s urgent!!!

Thanks in advance…

Hi !

You can do this in OpenGL/GLUT, there are libraries like GLUI just to name one.

Another alternative is to use OpenGL together with a GUI library, Win32, MFC, FOX, Fltk, Qt, GTK, Wx or what ever.

But they all take some time to understand and get working, if you already use GLUT, then GLUI would be the best choice I guess, if I rember correct there is another one called GLOW also, not sure though, make a search at google, use something like “opengl gui”.