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I have severe speed problems with glut on matrox millenium video cards.
I just have 2 balls (2020 subdivs each) and a plane on the screen and get about 10 fps with horrible mouse input latency in fullscreen.
That is, if it was really a fullscreen mode, because all this f
**ing card does on the command glutFullScreen(); is resizing the window to the size of the screen.
No real fullscreen mode. No difference in single- or dualhead mode.
On my Athlon 1333/geforce 2 gts everything works fine although I didn’t measure the fps yet.
Is the problem somewhere in my code? Is this a known matrox bug? Are there patches?
Or is this card really that bad?


If you speak about the very first Matrox Millenium card, yes, by today’s standards, this is card is “that bad” (and even worse).
Any integrated graphics controller we find now embedded in chipsets is way better than this card.

IIRC, it has 2 or 4 MB on-board RAM, and no 3D acceleration whatsoever. Thus your application probably gets Microsoft GDI Generic implementation. This is why it is so slow.

Regarding the window/fullscreen problem, it might be a driver bug.

glutFullScreen is nothing more than a maximized window. That is how GLUT works and has nothing to do with the driver/graphcis card. If you want to change resolution and/or color depth, check out the game mode in GLUT instead.

I don’t think he’s speaking about a MGA-64 based millemium. I never heard about multiheaded on it. It’s probably a G400 based.

My point is on the timerFunc. If the animation is time-based, maybe the timerFunc resolution is too low. However, this does not really make sense since it would run slowly even on the Athlon system.

A friend told me about VERY UGLY performance in GL using G400s but it was some months ago and I HOPE it was not SO UGLY (however, he told me about a -30% performance with decreased rendering quality - woah).

I tested it on different cards between millennium g450 and g550.
Very bad results on all of them.
Fullscreen MEANS fullscreen on my Geforce 2 gts.
How can I create a real Fullscreen in glut? (or opengl)

greetz & thanx

Originally posted by eisebs:
How can I create a real Fullscreen in glut?

In glut version 3.7 and later there is something called “Game Mode”. It gives you some more control over keyboard handling and window creation. You might want to look into it. I dont know how many platforms that supports this Game Mode though.

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game mode works, but is not really faster. X-p

All fullscreen modes for opengl is just a maximized no border window… if you want to change resolution first, then go ahead, but that doenst change the first fact… IIRC both windows and the driver will detect this ‘mode’ as windows will let the window cover the taskebar, and the driver should try to du the bufferflip trick instead of blitting the whole area to the window.

If its not any faster on your card/driver, then i might be that the driver fails to recognize this mode, or that some setting prevent the flipping mode (i know that you can force blitting on nvidiadrivers), so take a look for new drivers and advanced settings in the display property page