Graphics problems

Texture problem

I have been experiencing many problems with counter strike source lately… Every level I play looks very weird. All of the textures in the level are either not there or look very very strange… I also experience the same type of texture problems with Half Life 2, and every game i play, even BF2 …I’m at a loss, I have no idea what to do. Il just let you guys look at the picture attachments I have taken of these texture problems , If you guys have any questions for me, just ask in a reply…. Thank you. I didnt know how to add pictures so i just posted the link to go to to see the pictures… click on the thumbnails to see the pictures… heres the links to all for pictures…

Looks like texture and geometry corruption.
If you recently installed a newer graphics driver, reinstall the one you used previously.
If you overclocked your board, clock it back down to its original settings.
If that’s not it, try to underclock it.
Or maybe your graphics board just broke.

is there any way i can reinstall OpenGL on my computer or reinstall Direct3D? or mabey get an updated version of OpenGL or Direct3D?

counter strike source is D3D only
nothing to do with opengl.

My best guess is that you have a hardware problem, such as overheat or overclock.

  • overheat : open your case, check video card fan is spinning, check heat sink have good contact with GPu and its memory chips, put a large desk fan to blow within your pc case, etc

BTW the solution you mentionned about lower “2 levels hardware acceleration” is not a good one, it only means Windows does not uses some features of your card …

If your card is still guaranteed, just return it :slight_smile: