Graphics glitches in OpenGL programs.

This is what Google Earth looks like when I run it (well, one frame out of the several times a second this transparent pattern changes whenever anything animates). Switching Google Earth to DX9 mode solves this, but other programs that run OGL as their only display mode aren’t so lucky. It’s always the same glitch. A pattern of rectangles cut out of the part of the window displaying the OpenGL content, revealing sections of whatever happened to be underneath at the last time the window was moved.

The problem has persisted since I got this computer, through many graphics card upgrades and countless driver updates. I can’t find anything on the internet talking about the issue, and messing around with OpenGL’s settings through RivaTuner hasn’t done anything to fix it. It’s really ticking me off that no one else I’ve talked to has been able to help me with it. Does anyone know what this is, and how I can finally end it?

I’m running Windows XP SP3 with a GeForce GTX260 and an AMD Athlon X2 5000+, and 2GB of RAM.