Graphics Displayed in Windows Photo Viewer vs OpenGL Texture Rendering

Hey guys,

Anybody know exactly or what texture or display settings, the Windows Photo Viewer uses?

I’m asking because I’ve recently looked at some graphics with fading colors in Windows Photo Viewer, that when translated into my program via texturing, show solid colors.

Let me see if I can screen shot the example here:

Here’s the windows photo viewer render:


And here’s the render, as it shows in opengl:


I’m going to fiddle with a few of the settings, and perhaps it’s a blending or transparency thing?

Anyways, any help would be appreciated, thanks,

Jeff Cummings

The most likely factors are related to gamma. One possibility is that one program is performing gamma correction and the other isn’t. Another possibility is that the image is being resampled, and one program is performing interpolation on linear intensities while the other is using gamma-law values.

Displaying the image pixel-for-pixel should confirm or refute the latter possibility. For the other, you can take a screenshot of the photo viewer and compare it to the image data you’re uploading to the texture, performing a scatter plot of the R/G/B values.