Graphics Card

Hello everyone.

Can any one suggest me

a. Which is the best Graphics Card in NVIDIA which supports OpenGl 2.1?
b. This Graphics Card is installed on Pentium 4, Dual Core and Windows XP as OS.


for all new nvidia cards that support the tesla unified architecture , the main difference between these cards is the number of streaming processor(sp) inside .

here some numbers :

GeForce 9800 GTX (16 sp compute capability 1.1 )
GeForce 8880 GTX (12 sp compute capability 1.0 )
Quadro Fx5600 (16 sp compute capability 1.0)

and the Tesla S1070 (4*30 sp and compute capability 1.3) (support for double precision floating point numbers )

check doc CUDA for more details about tesla architecture and sp and compute capability

Since Geforce FX, nvidia has offered GL 2.1 and this GPU is quite old (2002). I suggest a Gf 8 or 9 or Geforce 200