Graphics card or PSU problem ?

Hi. Last time when played games I go outdoor and leave my pc ON. When I came I saw something strange and diffrent graphics problem in Mozilla Firefox; it was yellow strange textures. Now its about week later and I’ve been tried almost all things; Setup new windows, drivers [older and newer], decreasing gpu core or memory mhz’s. At the end I tried my GPU in friend’s PC setup and… Its deffinetly perfectly working… I am really confused what’s the problem :confused: . I think it can be PSU or CPU [cause it WAS oc]. Tried also cleaning pcie, changing Monitor, display cable or testing RAM.[It’s all fine]

My PC setup:
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 Stock at now [3.8 before]
GPU: Asus Strix GTX 950 2GB
RAM: 2x4 GB Corrsair Vengance DDR3
HD: WD blue 1tb
PSU: Antec vp 500W
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Drivers: 384.76
BIOS: The newest version 3.10

This forum is for OpenGL graphics API questions, and your problem very likely has nothing to do with OpenGL.

Consider downloading and running some system diagnostics (such as those on the Ultimate Boot CD) to make sure your system is stable. For instance, MemTest86 for the memory and Mersenne Prime to run up CPU power consumption.

Also, ensure your computer has a clean source of power. If your computer isn’t on a surge-suppressing UPS, I’d get one (if your power supply is Active PFC, you may need a pure sine wave UPS instead of a simulated sine wave). At the very least make sure you’re using a decent surge suppressor.

A PSU issue is a possibility, but keep in mind that when your system is idle, its power consumption is much lower than when you are running CPU and/or GPU-intensive apps. That is, you’re less likely to see PSU issues then. That said, good quality high wattage PSUs (e.g. Seasonic) aren’t very expensive. If you have good reason to suspect yours may be going, I’d just change it. If not, hang in there, test the heck out of your system, and collect more data on your problem.