Graphics books

I’m looking for a good book explaining the mathematics of graphics programming. I primarily want to get more comfortable with things like matrix math.

I’ve heard that Computer Graphics by Foley ,van Dam, et al. is a good book. This is probably the book I’ll get unless there are any better recommendations.

Foley, van Dam is the “bible” of computer
graphics, although it’s starting to get a
little dated.

What that means is that the field has moved
forward from where the book (it’s really
thick!) ends. However, everything in the book
is still valid and good to know if you’re in
computer graphics; THEN you can move on to
build on those foundations.

Since you’re asking in an OpenGL forum, Real Time Rendering goes at the top of my list of recommendations.


There is a new version of Foley, Van damn coming soon. Amazon says it is supposed to come out in January.

you’re taking the piss right?
after doing 3d graphics for more than a couple of years i finally decided to buy a 3dgraphics book (folry et al) which arrived on friday. if only i waited a couple of more weeks

i think real-time rendering should be your choice, or at least one of them.

Thanks for the responses. I checked the reviews on both books on and I may end up getting both eventually.

I’m pretty comfortable with the basic concepts, but I feel like my knowledge of the math involved is a bit weak.