Graphics Algorithms and technics


Maybe someone have link/s to a sites contains massive scientific material - algorithms, classic and new ones , articles etc. about computer graphics (software)???

for example: explanations about the rey-tracing algorithm, texture mapping technics, etc.

Please, it’s very important for me.


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If you already know the title of the paper you’re looking for, also take a look at

Shameless plug: there’s more links like these at

I hope this helped,

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Go to a bookstore and buy “Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice”, second edition (does a third exist?) by Foley, Van Dam, Feiner and Hughes.

This book covers many many topics of CG


Another good book is “Computer Graphics Using OpenGL” by Francis S., Jr. Hill, Francis J. Hill.

Its not as advanced as the Foley one but it is very well written.

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