graphic workstation info

I’m trying to find an alternative to buy a graphic workstation to develop games with OpenGL…does anybody knows of graphic consoles supporting OpenGL?

Based on your other question I assume by “graphics console” do you mean a game console.

Game consoles are developed for using PCs for the development environment (compilers etc). So even if you could do this you’d need a PC.

A PC is enough to develop graphics for on it’s own, so you don’t need a console.
To learn graphics & development you just need a PC with a graphics card, prefferable a relatively new card but the graphics hardware can be entry level for < $100. The PC can pretty much be anything you can lay your hands on, prefferably an AGP slot or better.

You can get a very capable new PC for around $500 or so but these tend to come with integrated graphics (because it’s cheap) but even the integrated graphics now are quite decent.,24330,3411504,00.html

You can go even lower end than this, if you just want to learn. If you already have a monitor etc, then you may be able to do even better. With any PC you can learn and develop for OpenGL.

Look here for a guide to really cheap PC options:

A PC is really the best option, Linux would probably be the cheapest option there too, you’d get compiles etc for free.

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P.S. look here for XBOX stuff, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re starting out. Just go the PC route. It would take a PC to get started and probably even actively participate in this scene anyway:

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