graphic prolblem with OpenGL games

when i start any game that requires the OpenGL driver(like Medal Of Honor) it starts normaly but then it appears some white stripes in the bottom of the screen. What do i do? I don´t know what’s appening.

We’re going to need information about your system freestyler (video card and driver version for starters), otherwise my best advice is to not play those games.

my graphic card is a Geforce 2. And i have the last display drivers from Nvidia but i know that it must work because before i had the Win Me and it was working. Now i have Win XP.I’m shure that it works but there’s something wrong that is doing this.

You say you had Windows Me and now you have Windows XP and it’s not?

Have you tried reinstalling your video drivers?

how do i reinstall it?

Use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall your nVidia display drivers.


Install the newly downloaded drivers for XP.

(Be sure to download the drivers BEFORE you reinstall.)