graph plotting similiar to gnuplot??


I have an application (written in C) which currently uses popen() to communicate with gnuplot in order to create 2D graphs of a bunch of points. Something similiar to the following:

I’ve just recently heard of openGL, so I’d like to know if there is a very easy way to use openGL for this kind of functionality?

Well you can use opengl for this, but opengl is quite low level, and does not directly brings all features of a plotter, so it will not be “very easy”. But can be useful to provide realtime graphs.

Just found this, someone who wrote a patch for gnuplot to use opengl :

Here a tool like gnuplot, with optional OpenGL support for 3d graphs :

I have tried everything but not working at all.

In my case x axis represents from 0 to 90 secs.(always). Y axis represents data which comes to by application as input based on a timer. I am using GL_LINE_STRIP when I finish till 90 secs the graphs draws great. When 90 secs finishes my xaxis becomes 0 again( which i want that way). so according to GL_LINE_STRIP it will connect the 90 value of x axis back to x zero value forming a loop. which i want to break.

I am using vectors for y axis values when y value reaches 90 elements I will delete the first element and append to the last of the vector array. this way my vector size remains at 90 elements always.

glVertex(x array,yarray);using GL_LINE_STRIP

can u Help my post are there in this forum regaring opengl graphs?

Don’t quite understand what you are saying. GL_LINE_STRIP should be fine for what you’re doing. Just program in the last item explicitly if you have to.