I bought GTA Vice City and later saw it requires directx 9… so, i download directx 9 from microsoft, and update my video card driver to directx 9 from invidia. after a short time in the game, it gets all buggy. soon, out of the game, my sound gets buggy. then my computer keeps kicking my 5.1 speakers down to quad sound. then my computer starts to lock up out of the game. next, my computer wont even boot. my programer neighbor tells me directx 9 is the problem, after he fixes my computer. but, he said it needs to stay installed because reversal is at best a limited solution. so, was is it the game or directx 9 that killed me? I uninstalled the game just in case. The directx 9 drivers are all reinstalled in my computer, and for now it works with all my other games. my computer specs is as follows:
P4 2.6, 1 g ddr ram, Asus motherboard, sound blaster audigy gamer sound card, gforce 2 ti 4600.

correction on the video card, make that a GFORCE 4 TI 4600…