Gradient fill for text

hello All,
I’m a newbie to GLSL, and have an assignment on hand.

I’m supposed to implement a gradient fill for text using vertex and frag shaders.

While I have a basic idea as to how these work, I dont have the complete picture.

Any suggestions in this regard is highly appreciated.


Express your ‘basic idea’ so that people can avoid spending time to explain stuff you already know.
When I was at school, we had assignments on subjects covered in class, is it like that anymore ?

I know when the shaders come into picture in the pipe line, and how they work theoretically.

I would like to know how to assign color to the vertices so that they can effect the individual pixels later on.

for eg, if 2 colors are assigned to 2 verticies, pixels inbetween them must be filled in steps .

yeah, this is "that "sort of an assignment :slight_smile:

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