Grab Projection and view Matrices without glGet*


seeing as I have found out GLES 1.0 is not compatible with the glGet*
functions, how can I store this internally in my app? here is a code

void Camera::SetProjectionMatrix(float aspect, float fov, float
nearPlane, float farPlane)
float top, bottom, left, right;

   top = tan(fov*0.5) * nearPlane;
   bottom = -top;
   left = aspect * bottom;
   right = aspect * top;

   m_dirty = true;


I am using GLES 1.0 and am using native OpenGL for the Android.

Thanks alot

This is a function that computes the matrix and returns it to you

There are other math and matrix libraries as well. A long list is here

There is a GLU version for GL ES. I think it is called GLU ES. Check out the forums at