Got no glaux.lib

…as the caption says. I’ve downloaded alot of needed files and zipped libs, but neither can I find a glaux.lib (Borland C++ compatible) or glaux.dll, nor a link somewhere on the board. Anyone knows a link, please let me know.

From what I understand, glaux.dll dosen’t exist. The aux utils exist as a static library only.

What compiler are you using? For visual C++, the glaux.lib file is in c:…\Microsoft Visual Studio\vc98\Lib. For any other compiler, I’m rather useless…

I’m sure you can find the .lib and .h files out on the net, but if you want, I can e-mail them to you.


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Perhaps weird but a glaux.dll can be downloaded from:

If you want the static version so look at:

Ah, thanx. I’ve downloaded the dll and will import it in some minutes.