Got DLL error if run the exe


if i try to run my compiled glut program i got this error:
(german) “Der Prozedureinsprungspunkt “_glutMainLoop@0” wurde in der DLL “freeglut.dll” nicht gefunden.”

My Glut works with a other project well. The program where i got the error works on an other computer.

I think that i have a wrong freeglut.dll (maybe older version?) where there is no _glutMainLoop function, but cannot find any other dll than the 197.120 Bytes dll.


Download the latest freeglut files, unzip them to a folder locally and then build the dll on your platform. Then, copy the freeglut.dll file from your freeglut folder into the current project directory and then run the program.
See if doing this helps.

how i can make this?

Well download the zip file, extract it and then open the visualstudio solution (.sln) file in visualstudio and build.