Good Tutorials

Does anybody know of good up to date tutorials for OpenGl. Preferably comprehensive and for beginners. Also I would like to know how I can tell uptodate samples/lessons from ones using deprecated/obsolete features. Most of the lessons I find are using outofdate OpenGl, even ones written recently.

Those are pretty good, both ‘without deprecation’ and for beginners :

Isn’t glut outdated already? Is there anything I can use to supplement this since not much has been written yet? I’m going crazy trying to find something that is comprehensive and current.

It’s hard to stay current with 3D APIs, D3D changes even more.

I recommend doing the NeHe tuts even though they are outdated.

To try and make up for them being outdated I would try to get them to work with more modern code. Look at how other OpenGL engines work like Ogre or even the updated Quakes.

Learn to use other libs like SOIL, Open AL. I don’t know what to use for cross-platform input since I use Direct Input.

GLUT is updated, but the problem is it’s not made for performance, it’s just something that works so you can do an OpenGL demo.

The only obsolete part in the tutorial I linked above is that OpenGLUT is mentionned, whereas Freeglut is better maintained.