Good OpenGL books

Does anybody have any good OpenGL books references apart from the Bibles (Blue and Red Books) ???


Last week i bought a “OpenGL 1.2 Official guide” (i don’t remember the editor). Is it what you call “Red Book”?

Yes! Didn’t it look red to you ??


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I know this doesn't answer your question, but I thought I'd ask this, since we are talking about books. I learned how to program in C++ for windows, and now, I'd like to start programming on a mac. I've started using OpenGL, it's pretty mutch the same, but what I would need is a book on Mac specific programming; like getting events (other than GLUT), interface, etc...basics actually, but on a MAC. Thanks for any answers.

Unfortunately there aren’t many books on Mac programming. What you can do is go to the Apple web site and go to the developper section. It has code samples and all the technical documentation.
And there are also some Apple only devlist which you can registered to and ask more experienced Apple developpers.

A few reference :
Black Art of Macintosh 3D programming
Tricks of the Mac programming gurus

Dev tools:
MW Code Warrior
Apple’s MPW (free)
ResEdit (free)

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The documentation for openGL for the Mac is very sad. The dev guides are thin and somewhat confusing. The NeHe website has tutorials that have been ported over to the Mac, which is a good step in the right direction, but they too are kind of sparse in Mac-specific details, but excellent in OGL coding details.

However, for the most part, I’ve been able to build the tutorials (needs minor changes in the target settings for both Debug and Final (in codewarrior), but once you figure that out and where to put the libs, they build nicely. Only have troubles with a few of the tutorials.

The Red Book is a good tutorial for openGL, but first brush up on your C on the Mac, then you should speed along pretty good.

Hopefully, with Apple’s adopting OGL in X, someone will have a nice book coming soon…


As for learning to program specifically one the Mac, I learned with Dave Marks’ & Cartwright Reed’s series Macintosh C Programming Primer. It was good, and the MacOS hasn’t really changed a whole lot since then (even Carbon is hardly different). But, if you want a more up to date and free place to learn, check out Macintosh C (, it covers MacOS 7 and MacOS 8 (nothing really changes between them or even with MacOS 9).


I’m in the process of learning all about GUI programming. I’m using the tutorial from Its free and very extensive. If you can find it at all of the Inside Macintosh books are ver useful. I think there’s about thirty of them.