Good OpenCL tutorial


I am trying to learn OpenCL and it seems to be a pretty slow process (at least for me). I have written a matrix multiply program borrowing code chunks from two OpenCL programs and putting them together. It runs but I am not confident I could write an OpenCL program from the ground up. Can you guys recommend so good very beginner type tutorials? I have watched/read the tutorials at and Confession of a Speed Junkie blog. I tried searching the forum but didn’t find much either. Thanks!

Hi waterborne,

This doesn’t help you right now, but I am working on a tutorial which will be presented at an early March conference. After the event, I’m going to post my slides and an accompanying PDF writeup on the web. I will post a link here when that happens.

This tutorial recognizes the dearth of decent basic OpenCL information floating around on the web, and is suitable for a new initiate. It presents a basic image processing program written in C, and examines how to convert the parallel parts to use OpenCL. It starts with buffer memory objects, and then shows how to get better performance on the GPU using image objects. It finishes with code to enable CL-GL sharing on the Mac.

That sounds awesome. I will look forward to checking out the material. If you guys don’t have any recommendations then how did you go about learning OpenCL? It seems right now my best option is to just parse through some programs until I get the hang of things.

A google search for “introduction to opencl hello world” returns a bunch of very helpful tutorials and introductions.