Good ole Windows

I was just doing some OGL programming, when I decided to modify an existing program of mine. I created a new folder and copied the source file into this folder, just to make sure, i compiled this source code, the exe file gave me an error. I was confused. I go back to the ORIGINAL folder in which the file was, i open THAT source code (they are identical, just in different folders), and this source worked PERFECTLY. I copied the working code into the new folder overwriting the “corrupt” source, I then tried to compile it, it AGAIN gave me an error. I repeated this several times, and I came to the conclusion that the files location in the particular folder was causing the error, hmmmm. I then created another folder with a different name, tried it again, it AGAIN gave me an error. HELP! could this be a virus?

what error are you getting? is it a link error or a compile error or a run time error

Perhaps you just have to change some project settings.

What kind of error is it?

Its a runtime error, when i run the exe file. I sorta fixed it, its just the name of the directory that was causing it. If the directory is called Lighting then it screws up, anything else its ok. As I said, good ole windows…