Good old 3dfx.

Ok. whats up with this. I mentioned the stupid driver thing. So i stick the 3dfx dll in the .exe’s local directory. then it bitches about needing glide3x.dll in the same directory. so i put that in there, then run the exe. and an error message box comes up, but its blank! just says error on the titlebar and has an ok button. Im trying to buy a new video card, but until some money comes in from christmas, im broke and i need to finish this school project. thanks for any help.

Follow the step from the 3dfx to install the
proper driver for your card, after that you will see the 3dfx tab under the display console. Next you have to copy the
*.dll to your app directory ( as you have known), then setting the display resolution
to be 640x480 for your 3dfx card if your card is very old.( new 3dfx card support more
high resolutions).

I have a 3dfx 1000 and have no problems whatever. If my memory serves me well, that
is it.


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Getting a new card would be a good thing. Not to slam 3dfx too much, but as you may have heard, they have announced that they are getting out of the card manufacturing business soon. Hmmm…there must be a reason as to why they would do such a thing… Actually, they even admitted that most of their cards had not lived up to peoples expectations. Even if you could only get a tnt or tnt2…I had much better luck with those cards than I ever did my Voodoo3, at least as far as setting up my OpenGL programs to work properly.