Good environment maps?

Does anyone know of any good downloadable cube map environment textures? I’m especially looking for real world indoor/office/lab environments (this is for making materials more realistic in a “scientific” application).

Getting cubemaps is kind of hard.
The only ones i know of right now are here:
under “textures”.

I got a lot of other textures out of Jedi Knight 2 (the .pak files can simply be opened with WinZip). Take a look into some games, sometimes it´s possible to get their textures.

But if you find some other sites where one can get cubemaps, i´d like to know them too :slight_smile:


You cannot use these textures ripped from games in any kind of real of software you’re considering distributing. They are copyright works, look & play around with them, but shipping them is a major problem.

There are some free textures out there. Look online for phrases like “light probe” and HDR. That crowd likes to make sample environment maps.

You can also buy images for example here:

Well, spheremaps are OK too (I can convert them to cube maps). People have been doing environment mapping for over twenty years now (?), so I figured there must be some standard maps, similar to the way the teapot has become the defacto standard geometric shape.

I do have a few maps, but only one that looks good for my application, and that’s something I screen-shot from a PDF document (i.e. not very high quality).