Good 3d model formats and tools.

I was looking for a good 3d model format to use in my games, and a tool to make them. I’ve heard that that 3d studio max, lightwave 7, and maya are good to make 3d models. I don’t know if that is for 3d games and realtime animation or if it is only for finished cg productions. If anyone knows or if you know of another good format plz let me know.

Hi !

I think that 3DS is the most common format for games (I said think so don’t hang me if I am wrong).

I even think there is a special version of 3DS Max for games, correct me if that is untrue.

It’s also pretty easy to find code to load 3DS models into OpenGL applications.


The games version of 3DSmax is called gmax - search on google for it.



all those software packages you mentioned are very expensive, and not very practical for someone who’s learning to model. i believe all of them have equivalent, though highly watered down versions of themselves (gmax, MayaPLE). i have gmax and you cant export anything. you can only save it as a .gmax file. Milkshape is what i use the most. it is a low cost ($20) low-poly modeler that has support for a wide array of games (Half-Life, MaxPayne, Unreal, all the Quakes to name a few). it also has an easy to follow SDK to write your own importers, exporters and tools. you can find it here


Thx for the info. I think that I will try to start out with MilkShape and maybe play around with a trial version of 3DS Max if they have one.

well try gmax… it is very good… you just have to get a small converter to change from md3 to your file format or just load md3 itself… it is very much like max but no render but it is free…