god appeared -> we have mods. ! am i drunken ?

Dear webmaster,

nice to see that you have been possible to understand and validate all requests regarding these topics, which have been made by-tons over the last couple of years.
Not only me, but the other members also, are really appreciating this step, as you can guess.


P.S.: and now i got banned, for this post, do i ?

Wow holy crap we do have mods now. I didn’t notice it untill now. Cool!


Wher’s C++?

They even are for real! One off-topic thread has been locked.

>>Wher’s C++?
may be he is moderating the closed, VIP, real “for OpenGL guru’s only”-section, where we all don’t have access ?

And the choise is very nice too.

BTW, this thread should be locked now. I guess we need some off-topic forum section!