GNU-EFI program & Nvidia GPU with OpenGL

Hello, I have a graphical UEFI program. That works as expected. I handle key events and mouse events and draw pixels on screen. I use GRAPHICS_OUTPUT_PROTOCOL for drawing pixels. That runs as system itself without any OS. Now, I want to make it better and use my GPU’s power. That’s why I need OpenGL. However, I have no idea how is it possible to include OpenGL in my UEFI program. I use Visual Sutdio for compiling it as .efi and I have GTX1080 GPU.

What are the steps I should follow ?

OpenGL is implemented by your graphics drivers. These are known to be among the hardest of drivers to implement. You’ll spend 95% of your time working on them, instead of other areas of your OS. Not to mention that GPU documentation is horrid for Intel, non-existent (!) for nVidia.

The only GPU documentation I easily understood was for the 3dfx Voodoo. I didn’t understand a thing for the 950 docs. Nobody understands nVidia other than nVidia employees.

Just use your CPU for now. When done right, it can be super-fast as well.