GNAT GPS linking problems

I am trying to use OpenGL in a program compiled and build by GNAT Programming Studio on Windows 7 The program needs functions that are present in either OpenGL.dll, GLU32.dll and GLUT.dll or OpenGL.lib, GLU32.lib and GLUT32.lib The dll files are present in the C:\Windows\System32 directory and the libs in a directory D:\Program Files\GNAT\OpenGL\libwin32. My program source and .gpr file are in: E:\ada\project\Test Now I get undefined references to all functions located in the three mentioned dll’s or lib’s. When A add: for Linker_Options use("-LC:\Windows\System32") The undefined references to OpenGL disappear but the others remain. Trying to use the lib files instead with: for Linker_Options use ("-lopenGL32", “-lGlu32”, “-lglut32”) seems not to be able to reach the libs adding a “-LD:\Program Files\GNAT\OpenGL\libwin32” does not seem to work. What do I have to do in at leat one of the cases to reach all three libraries.

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