glXMakeContextCurrent gives segmentation fault

hi, i used glXMakeContextCurrent to create a window for rendering. while it works on one PC, it gives segmentation fault on another PC with similar configuration. both PCs are running FC4. in what cases does glXMakeContextCurrent causes segmentation fault?

glXMakeContextCurrent is specific for glx 1.3 and upper releases. Check that both your configs support this version at least.

how to check version?

glXQueryVersion - return the version numbers of the GLX extension

thanks! i solved the problem after upgrading the graphics driver to NVidia 9631.

now i have another problem. i am running a program on a PC with Geforce 4 GPU. it seems that i can’t create framebuffer objects using glGenFramebuffersEXT. No framebuffer objects are returned after i call this function. is it because that Geforce 4 doesn’t support framebuffer objects?

glxinfo or best test the presence of that extension will help you (u can use glew or such).

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