glXGetProcAddressARB returns NULL but dlsym doesn't?!

Is there a situation with the ATI 9700 driver that causes it to return NULL from glXGetProcAddressARB, yet when I use dlopen() and dlsym(), I can obtain a pointer?

I looked at humus’ demo code, and it works fine on linux R9700, and it’s doing nothing special, yet it works!


Do you have an OpenGL context before calling glXGetProcAddressARB?

Yeah, standard stuff. In fact, I even tried using glut. After initializing glut, confirming that I get a window up with a simple cube, I queried for things like glTexImage3D (Radeon 9700 on linux), and got NULL back from glXGetProcAddressARB.

Requesting the pointer directly from works, but is not generally a good idea, so… Ugh.


What extension are you trying to get pointers for? Does it show up in the extension string (run glxinfo and check)?

Wierdness… I just reinstalled linux from scratch (again), and it now works fine. There was something stale somewhere, I’d guess. Hard to say now…


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