Glxgears source

Someone suggested I look into the glxgears source code to help me overcome problems I am having porting my 3D simulation/graphics engine from windoze to linux. The binary of this demo application is on my linux system (fedora8) and the software installer says the “glx-utils” package is on my system.

Unfortunately, the “find” command cannot find any glx-utils or glxgears source files on my system - only the glxgears binary executable. I also have not been able to find the glxgears source code on the internet - though I suspect I must be missing something utterly obvious and trivial. Can anyone help me find the glxgears source code? Thanks.

Look what google found:

very good - thanks! your google works better than mine! :-o

I just searched for “glxgears.c” :slight_smile: Takes some experience to get it right :stuck_out_tongue:

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