I´ m using

int fbconfigID=-1;
rval=glXGetFBConfigAttribSGIX(display, fbconfigs[0], GLX_FBCONFIG_ID_SGIX, &fbconfigID);

in order to get the ID of the given fbconfig ( I get back ‘85’, for a floating point pbuffer). At a later point I use

 int fbAttribs[4]={GLX_FBCONFIG_ID_SGIX, fbconfigID, 0,0};
	int num_formats=0;
	GLXFBConfigSGIX *fbconfigs=glXChooseFBConfigSGIX(display, screen, &fbAttribs[0],  &num_formats);] 

in order to retrieve the corresponding fbconfig back. Unfortunately I get back a NULL pointer, indicating that a fbconfig of this ID doesn´ t exist. What is going on here? Why isn´ t that working?

I´ m using a Geforce6800GT with newest drivers on Suse Linux 9.0

In your code snippet you use chosenformat when you get the FBconfig ID, but fbconfigID when you use it. Is that what’s actually in your code?

Sorry for confusing you. I actually c&p´ed the snippet out of my code. To answer your question, the correct ID will be used in both cases. I´ll try to edit my post accordingly.

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