glXAllocateMemoryNV succeed!

hello all of you !

i have succeed !!!
so i want to appologies for my bad behavior here: sorry to all i have made sadness !
specially to -Lev who is a helpful man ! thanx to you.

if fact, my kernel didn’t supported the AGP. so, i’ve rebuild a new kernel 2.5.1 and now all is OK !
speed increase between twice or 3, and i don’t optimize a lot !
(no nvidia alloc and extension drawing).

before when doing cat /proc/nv/card0 it found a geforce2 mx PCI and now it’s a geforce 2 mx AGP.

AGP is 4x, but SBA is disable: how to enable it ?
and FW is disabled and not supported. how to do it ?

thanx a lot.

i’ll give soon all the sources for such a doing !!

thousand thanx


Originally posted by jide:
AGP is 4x, but SBA is disable: how to enable it ? and FW is disabled and not supported. how to do it ?

You have to install the src rpm, edit the os-registry.c file (desc below), and install your modified NVIDIA kernel module.

When you edit os-registry.c, you have to change the values of NVreg_EnableAGPSBA and NVreg_EnableAGPFW. I have not been able to get a stable system with side-band addressing.



thanx for your reply,

and what is Side Band Adress exactly, and FW (frame width ?) ? someone in an old post, told me that he had to enable SBA and FW to have a good acceleration. And what happend you ?

anyway, thanx


FW is short for fast writes. Take a look at the AGP standard for a detailed explanation.

I disabled SBA due to stability issues. And FW does not seem to give any noticable performance increase.

– Niels


again me.
this may not be the main topic for this, but someone may have encountered the same problem. i hope.

For having AGP enable, i had to rebuild a new kernel (which is 2.5.1). And now my linux can’t shutdown normally, it can’t unmount all my partitions ! so, it have to check them each new start ! that’s a shame !

thanx for any potential help !


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