Glx 1.2 to glx 1.3

Hi !

I was almost all my time with glx 1.2 that I am replacing to use glx 1.3.
All worked well under 1.2 , but now, still after having read all the glx spec (I had found on this site), I got some problems I can’t solve:

  1. when i want to make the context beeing current, i got a glx error telling me that resources are not suffisant to do the job !

The only things related to this on the documentation is that the server lacks resources to do this. Have I mistake some things ? as allocating some resources ? (as far as i remember, the caveat must be allocated, but how ?).

I think i’ve done all things correctly, i made an xwindow (with XCreateWindow),
a glxWindow, and I created a context with this glxWindows to be read and written.

  1. If I create a simple X window with XCreateSimpleWindow, thus I don’t give all what the window needs to do (as giving events…), I did not get this problem, but it crashes later: my context is no more a direct context.

I try to explain more:

I have the main thread that create a context, and the glxWindow: here, the context is direct rendering capable.
then another thread (the rendering one), create another thread (referencing the old context as the shared one). This new thread has not got direct rendering capabilities.

Do I need to explain the 2nd context to use the shared context (the main thread one) attributes ? I don’t see what’s happening here too.

I think i missed some things (bad X configs…). If you could help here, it will be appreciated, if you could give links to X docs or other docs (glx…), it also appreciated.

Thank you for your help.


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