GLwMDrawA header file

I am trying to compile an example program from the book “OpenGL Programming for the X Window System”. I keep getting the error:

paperplane.c: X11/GLw/GLwMDrawA.h: No such file or directory.

I am Running RH7.1 and was hoping someone could tell me where to find the OpenGL widgets.


I have encounterd the same problem on
both RedHat 7.1 and Mandrake 8.0. What
happened to GLw??? I’ve done an extensive
net search, and this topic is the only
really relevant and new mention I can find on
the topic.

Isnt the file located in “GL/GLwMDrawA.h”
I’ve got a standard RH7.2 system.

Try a search:
find /usr/ -name “GLwMDrawA.h” -print

…I changed the path but I cant campile anyway I get this problem:

gui_init.o: In function main': gui_init.o(.text+0x620): undefined reference toglwMDrawingAreaWidgetClass’
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

hmm…anyone??? guess that you need the Motif Toolkit to compile the examples…think its possible to install lesstif…

this may be due to Mesa (mangle) or Nvidia,
one of them, but i don’t think this is a standard in OpenGL.

The error message is a link error. Do you link to libMesaGLw.a with -lMesaGLw?

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