glWindowPos* or glWindowPos*ARB


I actually learning OpenGL and trying somethinks.

If i understand it right. glRasterPos* positions the rasteriziser to the position of the virtualcoordinate(with transformations and so on).
And glWindowPos should position the rasteriziser directly to Viewport coords.

Is the (0,0) of the viewport the upper-left or the bottom-left position of the screen?
I’am working with two different graphics boards. ATI Radieon M6 Pro and NV GF4 TI4600.
Both should be OpenGL 1.4 if i understand all thinks right.
I adjusted my includes and installed the actual libs (i can’t find the libs for the ATI).
Now in gl.h from NV i found that glWindowPos is only available for UNIX/LINUX. And when i make something like this.
#define UNIX
I got (as expected) a linker error.

I’am actually use my own software version of this, but is this the only way?

Thanks for your answers