GLW_StartOpenGL( ) - could not load OpenGL subsystem

Before yesterday everything was fine, but then something happened…
When I try to start Enemy Territory (freeware computer game) the game doesn’t even go to the menu, it has a black screen couple of times and then I get a console with a long list of stuff. Its headline is:
GLW_StartOpenGL( ) - could not load OpenGL subsystem

What should I do?
I have been told to load newer drivers, I downloaded “71.89 Forceware” from here
I just installed them but nothing has changed.
Did I do something wrong or is there something that I haven’t tried?

  • post system specs (video card, os version, …)
  • check hardware acceleration is set to full/hardware in graphic advanced settings
  • verify you install latest driver version, from official nvidia page
  • then uninstall, clean driver with a nvidia driver remover tool
  • then install new driver as administrator, disable anti virus during install and reboot