GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem--help!!!!

GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem
–this is the error that I always get when trying to play the soilder of fortune demo. I can never play it. Where do I download the latest drivers??? Ive tried to download the newest drivers from and an error comes up saying-- You appear to have an older version of the Web GL Setup installer. Please exit GL Setup and visit–Thats where I started–!! I would go back to the installation and click Ignore to continue installation–then the error “could not communicate to network server error 26” Whats going on!!! How do I fix all this so one day I will be able to play Soldier of Fortune MP test online!!!

You might want to read some of the dozens of other posts in this forum, all dealing with the same problem you describe.

OpenGL support is delivered with the drivers for your video card, download those from the website of the manufacturer of your video card.

see my post on this… I just bumped it up. =)

Good luck!