GLW_StartopenGL()-could not load Open GL subsystem

Now I know that other people in this forum have had the same problem and where able to fix it, but I seem to still be lost in how to fix it.

Right, here I go :

When I double click on the voyager icon on the desktop, a small blue screen appears with lots of computer lanuguage which I don’t understand !!, then the whole screen goes black for a second and then the small blue screen appears again, with a message blinking in red on the top of it saying:

“GLW_Start openGL()-could not load Open GL Subsystem”

When I came to this site for assistance, I seen that other people had the same problem. I tryed to follow what everybody said and still the problem occurs for me.

I only got my computer three days ago. It’s a

HP pentium 3 500 MHz
13 gb harddrive
win 98
64 mb ram

THis game seems to work fine on my other computer:

Dell Pentium 3 500mhz
13 gb harddrive
dvd rom
win 98
128 mb ram
3dfx 3000

The problem might lay with the fact that my computer does not recognise what graphics card is in it?
EG, when I first had this problem I looked in the cd for drivers for my Graphics card. I must of installed the drivers for Matrix MGA-G200 AGP by mistake !!
And now the computer thinks that the graphics card is a MAtrix. But in fact it’s not. I’m not really sure what it is, but I am sure it is not a Matrix.

Then when I try install opengl by clicking on GLSETUP on the cd, it does not install properly, hence the message “GLW_StartopenGL()-could not load Open GL Subsystem”

Is there anyway of making the computer recognise the graphics card which is actually in the computer, and not “thinking” it’s a Matrix ??


Right klick on your desktop.

Choose properties.

Choose settings.

Choose advanced properties.

Choose card.

Choose change.

Choose have diskett.

Browse to your graphiccard driver.


Hello again.

When you booting your computer the first line you will see is your graphiccard.

Hi. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I finally got the game to work on my HP machine.

Thelv : You are the man !!, YOU ARE THE MAN !!

I did what you said and uninstalled my graphics card and then reinstalled it. The game works fine now. The only problem is that the graphics card I have in the machine is pretty crap !!, I’ll have to get a new one !!

Thanks for your support.