glw non start q3

If your having problems this what i did to correct the glw non start problem in q3…
1)uninstall glsetup from add/remove in control panel, do this for as many glsetups that you may have on every drive, make sure you select custom uninstall and when it asks what to select , highlight every file, do this till it says its finished.
2)open window explorer\c:\windows\system, remove temp files beginning with ~GLHO…, there may be one or two of these, delete them.
3)go online to and download the archived glsetup for version 118, this will install the previous files that did not have this hack or whatever it is, make sure when downloading that you register your version of glsetup, then finish and play away.

Note that I had reinstalled q3, but you may not have to…this worked for me …it should work for you …gl(good luck)
I’m using ATI rage 128, p3.